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Poptone - Detail


A series of large scale illustrations composed of colour swatches based on popular culture. New colour suggestions are always welcome

Kid's Quotes

Kid’s Quotes

An annual series of printed cards capturing the new, hilarious and inappropriate things my kids have said during the year.

On Yer Bike App - Sample Screen

On Yer Bike App Design

Commissioned by Foroige, Ireland’s leading youth organisation, this App project was run with the young people as the hands-on client. I led several design and UI workshops and worked with the team to produce the final wireframes and designs for handover to developers.

RCSI -Spread

Instruments & Innovations Booklet

The first in a series commissioned by the RCSI, the Instruments & Innovations Booklet was designed to showcase just a selection of the fascinating medical artifacts housed within the RCSI Archives. The immediate success of this piece has seen it being used throughout the RCSI

Cricket Ireland

Cricket Ireland Interiors

Seeking to create a sense of the excitement, history and potential of cricket in Ireland, Cricket Ireland commissioned the design of large scale graphics to enhance their new headquarters in North Dublin. Large blank walls have been adorned with powerful graphics, highlighting key moments, players

Oberstown Logo

Oberstown Identity

Oberstown Children Detention Campus is a secure environment for young people sentenced or remanded by the Courts. The logo marque was based on an image created by one of the young people in Oberstown, a core element of the brief was to incorporate their design into